East Dulwich Grove

A row of quaint 1884 shopfronts in East Dulwich Grove.
Most of the shops have now been converted into dwellings but I have applied the authority afforded me by photo editing software licences to forcefully remove a few TV dish aerials and badly parked cars!

King's College East Dulwich Hospital

................ Leading from Village Way, towards Goose Green, runs East Dulwich Grove which contains some of the finer late Victorian buildings, including the impressive Dulwich Hospital, built in 1881, and the immense, red brick, Congregational Church.

Congregational Church, East Dulwich Grove
Congregational Church

From here eastward the roads are crowded with terraced or semidetached family houses typical of most urban London streets. Many, however, denounce a discreet level of living having rear extentions with attic rooms for at least one maid or cook. Different builders undertook the development which gives each road an individual character. You need to look up, at the second stories and roof ornaments, to appreciate best this aspect of the area.

A Victorian terrace
A fine example of a typical terrace

..............Most of East Dulwich was built over two large farms, namely Constable's Farm that layed between Court Rd., and Lordship Lane and Friern farm which pastured nearly two hundred dairy cows to the east. The only indications of their past existance are the names of Friern and Constable Roads and a stone name plaque on, what was originally, Friern Girl's School overlooking Peckham Rye.

Grove Vale Estate
Grove Vale Estate.
The first Council housing scheme in Camberwell

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